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  1. carol

    ich wünsche du könntest mal in den Kanton FR kommen ,nach Freiburg ins Forum.

  2. bob

    Sie ein Homosexuell Mann , und du riechst wie Wurst.

  3. Flückiger Nathalie / Aeberli Rhea

    Hallo Luca
    Mier sind rises Fans vo dier!
    Ide Schuel mümer es Interview vonere berüehmte Person mache, mier hend sofort ah dich denkt!
    Mier freued eis über dini Antwort!
    Am beste müestemer dich am 2. Oktober 2015 Interviewen. Wenn das ned möglich isch, freuemer eus au über en andere Thermin vorem 20. Oktober 2015!
    Liebi Grüess und vil Erfolg Nathalie und Rhea <3

  4. janine boudot

    Hey luca du bist der hammer
    Omg omg omg du bist so geil

  5. Susann Werner

    Hey Luca, ich wünsche dir ganz ganz viel Erfolg auf all deinen Wegen. HDGMDL deine Fänni forever Susi

  6. Nuria García

    Hii, Luca Come to Spain / Barcelona, i love u so much.. and my dream is meet u 🙁

  7. Emma Hansen

    Hello, OMG i love you sooooooo mouch!!!!!!

  8. Beatrice


  9. Josie Muller

    Hi just wanted to say how good your music is!!!My daughter is a very big fan.My daughter is a special girl,She was born with a sickness but it doesnt stop her.She saves all her money that she can go to hear you sing.She doesnt earn that much as a young iv rentner but your music is everything for her!!!Thank you for being the good person that you are.My daughters name is Tenna.

  10. Marie-Sophie- Fänni

    Hey Luca,
    Wir Ösifännis freuen uns schon riesig auf dein Konzert in Wien am 23. Jänner. 2016!!!!!!!


  11. Sabrina Valles

    Luca ganz schöni Wiehnachtä wünsch i dir L.g die Fänni Sabrina

  12. Isabell

    Luca du bist der beste! ich wusste schon seit dem casting bei dsds 2012 das du so berühmt wirst!

  13. ALU

    If you feel excited while you read all of our posts than let me say that I would be even more thrilled if I had a chance just to meet you and to say that how much you mean to me.I remember the first day I saw you at DSDS then I immediately searched in the Internet about you… and then the day you won. You were so happy, so was I. You cried, so did I. Lol you have no idea how much I cried at my badroom . I wanted so much to be there to see you, to scream, to cheer and to celebrate with you. But hej the most important thing is that I’m still here, searching for you, looking at you photos and everything about you. ITS JUST THE EVIDENCE OF FOREVER. NO MATTER WHAT!! Love you

    Sorry I can’t say my name. But I would feel blessed if you come at my country and perform(its my dream) Andddd I must forgot I’m from Kosovo,Gjilan.

  14. ALU

    you’re killing it

  15. ALU

    Don’t forget this was my very first time that I write you bcs I couldn’t and there’s soooo much mooooore to say

  16. annalena

    deine tour war mega cool

  17. Andrina

    Hallo Luca Hänni meine Tochter Andrina (12) ist ein grosser Fan von dir . Sie hat etliche lieder von dir über itunes z.b. GoodTime, Don’t think about me, I will die for You usw. . Jetzt habe ich ein problem. Ihr liebstes Lied ist Shameless und im iTunes gibt es dieses Lied nicht. Kannst du uns weiterhelfen? Gruss Andrina und marco

  18. Edoardo G. M.

    😂😂😂🔝🔝♥ ✌🔝👏🙋 whoa! woah! ogni nuovo video sempre più… semplicemente magnifico, fichissimo, un vero capolavoro, una straordinaria semplicità unica! interpreti le canzoni con il cuore e con la tua voce meravigliosa, ti ammiro moltissimo ..epico..fantastico sei grande e il successo lo meriti tutto!!! E vai Compà!!! Complimenti a te ed agli autori Solo da applaudirti!👏

  19. Antonino Screpis

    Antonino Screpis
    40625 Düsseldorf

    Die Adresse fürnt die Postkarte

  20. Manuel Alhajas

    My name is Manuel and I am a boy from Spain and last Monday I took a look at this year’s Eurovision songs. Your song is the one I like the most and I can not stop hearing it and watch your video clip. Good luck in Tel Aviv in the month of May.

    If you can send me a signed photo, I would like it.